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Kournas Lake

Rethymno - Kournas lake 

You can rent a bicycle in rethymno (a brand new electric one ) mountain or regular woman style and find magnificent sights like Kournas lake.Lake kournas is the only natural freshwater lake in Crete .The destance from Rethymno center to that beautyfull lake is 25km not far for this type of bicycles.Kournas Lake and its surroundings are a very iportant ecosystem for Greece, as this corner of the province of Apokoronas is one of the few areas of Crete where there is plenty of fresh water throughout the year.

Arkadi monastery

Rethymno- Arkadi- Rethymno

Starting from Rethymno and along the old Highway, passing  Platanias and Adele and you are directed to Agia Triada. This road goes to  Harkia and Kavousi through a spectacular rocky landscape. The road on the left leads to the historic “Arkadi Monastery” through a forest. Then to Amnatos and Kirianna, villages with Venetian architecture. You come back in Rethymno and first you see the villages of Loutra, Pigi and Adele.

Duration: 47 km. 

Bike type: Mountain-Road


Dam Rivers Amari

Dam Rivers Amari

Lake is formed by the dam of Amariou which has made the Grand opening in 2009.The rive has tonnage about 23 million tone of water and is a great wetland for the southeastern Mediterranean basin with many birds and animals species appearing in the area. The Dam gathers the waters of the Patsos Gorge the small valley of Pantanassa and the stream of Stavromanas that comes from the area of Agia Fotini. The distance for that lake is 25 km north from the town of Rethymno and the road is giving you a lot of options to go there by renting a car or a motorbike, rent a scooter or a quad or at least for fans of sports life who likes to discover new destination with a little adventure, they can rent a regular bicycle or an electric one from Auto moto sport renting company  

Anogia Village

Amogia Village 

Anogia is a traditional Cretan Village with a big history and about 2400 local people who lives there ,and the main activity is farming.The village is 52km far from Rethymno and 36km from Heraklion and are located at an altitudeof 700-790 m. on the ridge of the hill called Armi.Anogia are very famous in whole Greece for the traditional Cretan singers and also for the hospitality that they are provide.The road is asphalt and provides a driving experience through the mountains.You can rent a car in Rethimno or a motorbike and see the beauty of the nature.  



Argiroupoli Waterfalls

Argiroupolis Waterfalls


Argiroupoli is a village which is 25 km southwest from Rethymno. The road trip is very easy of going there such as the most of distance is driving by the National Cretan road. When you arrive there you will see the magic place with waterfalls and inside of them you will have the opportunity to seat on those restaurants which is near of them. There is no any words for describe the magical sights that you will see, the only sound that you will always listens is the sounds of the waterfalls.

Rent a car in Rethymno and start the exploration of our beautiful island.

Triopetra or Akoumiani Yialia beach

Triopetra or Akoumiani Yialia beach

Crete is the biggest island in Greece and one of the things that make this island famous are the beaches. We can write a lot of pages and we can talk a lot of hours for beach destinations and how makes them each one distinct. Triopetra beach is about 52km south from Rethymno and 13 km easterly from Village Akoumia. This beautiful beach is located in the central part of the large coast front, which the locals calls it also Akoumiani Yialia.

The Triopetra is composed from two beaches which are separated with a small peninsula. At the end of peninsula you will see three big rocks in the sea. Because of those three rock has name the beach ‘’Triopetra’’.Trio is the number of three as the rocks and Petra is the rocks. The place there is calm and serene.

You can rent an car or an Suv Jeep for more comfortable driving from Rethymno. Motorbikes or Scooters from 250 cc and above, fro more exciting trip.   

Elafonisi beach

Elafonisi beach 

There is tropical beach in southwestern of Crete that names Elafonisi beach. It’s a magical place and it has white sand and in fornd the sea you can find some places with pink sand. This place is very famous international and that’s why the summer there’s very busy. Elafonisi also is one of 25 most beautiful beach in the world as the TripAdvisor writes in their page for 2018.  From Rethymno the distance is about 134km (2hrs and 15 minutes) but believe me the place it will be reward you.

Renting car from Rethymno like SUV (Nissan Qashqai, Jeep Renegade etc) it will be more comfortable for driving in that beach! You can send an email if you have any questions for the place there and also what kind of vehicle you can rent to make the driving more comfortable for you.  

Balos Lagoon

Balos Lagoon  

We can make a photo blog with only pictures, without words to discribe this place. Balos lagoon is a famous place and every year in summer season a lot of tourists from all over the world visits to see and also swim in this exotic paradise.  This beautiful beach you will find it at the end of Crete 56 km northwest of Chania. The road driving there is very bad and that’s why you will need to rent a Suv car like Jeep Renagade or similar and then after a long road with a lot of kilometers driving  on rocks, when you finally get in the sandy parking you have to walk a lot off and going down a lot of steps which are riving you to the beach. There is also a ship that get there and goes you to that beach and you will avoid all bad roads and the steps, from Kissamos port. The lagoon of Balos has white sand and exotic white blue sea water and the height of the lagoon in some places is not more than your ankle. The distance from Rehymno to Kissamos port is 100 km (1hr and 20 minutes) about and the price for the ship that you pay to leaves you and take you back is not much for the place that you will see.

Auto moto sport  always covers the needs of its customers with a large a large fleet of cars and motorbikes to discover places that will stay forever in the memorable photobook of your mind.

The Palace of Knossos

Knossos Palace.. Municipality of Heraklion


The Minoan palace is the main visiting area of Knossos (or Knossos), an important city in antiquity, with a continuous life from the Neolithic to the 5th century. It is built on the hill of Kefalas, with easy access to the sea but also to the interior of Crete. According to tradition, there was the seat of wise King Minos. Exciting myths, the Labyrinth with the Minotaur and the Daedalus with Icarus, are linked to the palace of Knossos.Renting a car in Crete by Auto moto sport and you will drive with safe in many historical places.


Chania Airport Daskalogiannis

Chania Airport  ''Daskalogiannis I.''


The airport of Chania has international code CHQ and the main name of that is ''IOANNIS DASKALOGIANNIS'' ,in honor of cretan revolutionist Ioannis Daskalogiannis who fought against of the ottoman empire in 18th century.

The airport of Chania is located on the peninsula of Akrotiri (Souda) and it is about 20 minutes from the center of Chania Town and 45 minutes from Rethimno.The CHQ airport are cooperating with all the big Airports in Greece  (Athens ,Thessaloniki etc)and also in the summer season at the beginning which starts from April, Europian and International Coutries are landing there. 

The movement of the passengers in Chania Airport is 2.500.000 every year.It must be noted that CHQ can serves 1100 passengers per hour and in high season July-August they can be 2500 per hour.

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Heraklion Airport Nikos Kazantzakis

Heraklion International Airport Nikos Kazantzakis 


The International Airport Nikos Kazantzakis is the second more important and busiest Greek Airport. The name of this Airport has been taken from the big Cretan writer Nikos Kazantzakis. The distance from Heraklion center is about 4 km near of municipality of Nea Alikarnassos. The Airport is open 24 hours and serves 5 million passengers a year flying in Greece or International destinations. It is also well connected by the road and it is very easy to find the national highway road of Crete. 

Make your booking to our company and the date that we will arrange our appointment and one car or motor bike it will waits you there in the exact time that you need it.  

Rent a car in airport Chania or Heraklion airport with no extra cost 



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Rethimno beach road

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